Jason Clark

Pilates educator, lifestyle guru and Founder of PilatesAthlete

Jason is a Movement Specialist and Artist and a popular lifestyle presenter. He is also the founder of PilatesAthlete.

Originally from Australia he likes to merge his work in fitness and bodyweight training with his experience as a performer.

By constantly improving his physical movement through challenges, he likes to show how as we age our bodies can still perform and achieve amazing things.

He started his career as a fitness instructor and trainer and worked in many disciplines before being drawn to Pilates. He found Pilates not only improved his strength and movement after years of training, but it also greatly altered the shape of his body. He now uses the Pilates principals as the core to all his physical movement training.

Jason is passionate about people changing the quality of their lives through health and fitness movement, and he is known for his tough and hardcore approach to training and his results-oriented philosophy

He has written and been regularly featured in the media and has a weekly Wellness Segment on Hong Kong Radio. He also has a series of online PilatesDVD’s. Leading through example Jason works at challenging and improving his own fitness and movement to highlight what his body enables him to achieve.

In the past 2 years Jason has performed with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT - Romeo and Juliet 2013), the widely acclaimed, Tanztheatre Wuppertal by Pina Bausch, (Iphigenia in Tauris, 2014), and with the world famous Bolshoi Ballet (The Flames of Paris, 2015) as part of the local chorus.

He has also performed with Italy’s famous, Teatro Di San Carlo - Naples (La Traviata, 2013), The Bolshoi Opera Theatre (The Tsar’s Bride, 2015) and recently in the London West-End travelling production of, The Sound of Music (2015)

Jason’s next challenge is mastering Parkour and the Cyr Wheel.

He is based in Hong Kong.

"You can achieve more in life than you know with a healthy body. Every moment with the right attitude will lead you there."

Jason Clark