24 Hours

Jason Clark is a Pilates educator, lifestyle presenter and Founder of PilatesAthlete.

He is known for his tough and hardcore power approach to Pilates and fitness. He is results- driven and he now has a following with both men and women, sportsman, athletes and other fitness professionals who are now spread across Asia, the USA, Europe and Australia.

Jason is also the face of brand PilatesAthlete, where he produces and appears in DVD’s, conducts Pilates retreats in Asia, conducts master classes and does motivational speaking.

Originally from Sydney, Jason is now based in Hong Kong and travels Asia.
So what does it take to be a PIlatesAthlete? We followed Jason for 24hours to find out.



5.30am. Wakeup. I usually start my day with a large glass of warm water with some fresh lemon and 1tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, to help stimulate, cleanse, hydrate my body. I also take a mulitivitamin, I prefer those which are whole food complexed and made with organic vegetables and herbs. I also take Tumeric capsules in the morning. The Tumeric is organic and is specially grown for me and capsuled in the Philippines.

I drink normally up to 2 litres of water a day.

This is the time of the day I also read online news, check my daily schedule and reply to all my emails as I am at my most productive.





6.00am. My first meal of the day is organic Oats and Quinoa. I also add Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax and Sesame Seeds. I add plenty of fruit Organic Blueberries, Banana, other fruit, Goji Berrys, Chia Seeds and Greek Yoghurt. I add organic Coconut Water and top with Bell Pollen. Some days I also pore on some organic Coconut oil. If not I will have a couple of teaspoons during the day.





6.30 9.30am. Most of my morning is then spent teaching Pilates Classes and working with my private clients teaching them the benefits of my training.














10am. Its now time to eat again. My meals vary from day to day. My favourite, and I always get told by friends that I seem to be a creature of habit is Poached organic eggs with salmon and spinach on Sourdough. I love bread so am hopeless at diets like Paleo, though I choose Sourdough due to its vitamins and uniquely balanced proteins, fatty acids and high levels of beneficial bacteria when compared to other bread.





11.00 12.30pm This is the time of day I term my ACTIVE WORKOUT time. It is here that I look at and try out new progressions on some moves as well as master new fitness challenges that highlight how Pilates works in a practical way. I have just finished mastering the Olympic Parallel bars. Previously it was the Olympic Rings. The whole idea of PIlatesAthlete is to show how at any age with correct body movement training you can master anything. I am also in training for the Bolshoi ballet, as I have been invited to audition for them for their performances at the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2015.





12.30pm 1.30pm. More Pilates and Fitness work with private Clients.

Its also time for what I have called my Green Ninja Shake. I add organic Spinach, Kale, Banana, Celery, organic Grapes, Greek Yoghurt, Bee Pollen (if avail) and a little Protein Powder into my Ninja blender. Occasionally I will add avocado.

It’s a great pick me up as we still have plenty more hours in the day to conquer.






1.30 2.30pm. Lunch. Sometimes this is a working lunch. I will speak with my branding and PR strategist about plans for PilatesAthlete, our Merchandise, DVD filming and possible upcoming events and retreats. I also write my Blogs and take the time to reflect how best to help others through various topics we cover each week.

I usually eat either Chicken or Beef Steak with a Green (either Salad or vegetable). I will include a healthy fat such as Avocado, Organic Butter or Olive Oil.

I like to include a juice here, or Organic Coconut Water with either Spirilina or Wheatgrass. Sometimes I use a Multimineral Green Powder.



Chicken Salad with Avocado and Puffed Quinoa


Green Powder                                   Wheatgrass and Coconut Water


Some Merchandise


2.30 4.30pm. My Personal Workout time. Sometimes though this may be the time I need to film my latest DVD or teach a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) Pilates Class at the Beach.

Before my workout I usually have an organic coffee with butter. My currently favourite is Organic Coffee mixed with Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter, which provides a boost with sustain energy with some healthy fats.

Today is my chest, shoulders and arm workout day. I will also do some extra abdominal training as well on top the training I have done in my classes.

With training I usually do 3 exercises per muscle group. 3 sets of 12-15 reps. I waste very little time when I train. I try and mix up the exercises every few weeks. I push myself every session. I treat my clients the same way. I have little time for excuses. You have to earn the body and health you want for yourself.










SUP Pilates



4.30pm. Snack Time. Consists usually of nuts, banana and Protein Shake.


4.30 6.00pm. Work with clients again as they finish their day in the office.


6.00 6.30pm. Dinner varies usually between Organic Beef or Chicken or Salmon with salad or vegetables. Again I include a healthy fat.


Organic Chicken and Brown rice and Vegetables with Organic Butter (which helps to absorb the nutrients from the vegetables)


6.30 8.30pm. Teach final PowerCore Pilates or Props classes and clients for the day.

8.30pm. Check final emails and business. Catch up with friends and wind down. I am always trying to have balance in my life. To me its important to socialize and spend time doing some things that you enjoy everyday day.

9.30pm. Bed. Sleep is so important to me. It is here that all my hard work pays off as my body repairs, changes, gets stronger and recharges. Sometimes I may have a shake before I sleep.

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