Chiang Mai – Retreat

SPINE TIME – if not now when!

I am hosting a Pilates Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand from August 29 – 31.

There are many reasons for hosting this retreat. The aim of any retreat is for participants to spend some time giving back to themselves and their bodies in an environment that will nurture this. At this retreat there will be Pilates master classes, a nutrition workshop and one on one training time if you would like it, as well as indulging in spa treatments. We hope at the completion of this Retreat, all my participants will feel stronger (both mentally and physically), fitter, healthier and more invigorated.

There are some personal and deeper reasons why I would love everyone to come or at least to start spending more time on Pilates core and spine health and exercises.

The health of our Spine is CORE and I don’t think we fully realise how important this is in life.

Joseph Pilates mentioned in a statement that,

‘You are only as young as your spine. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong, then you are young.’

I have worked in fitness for many years, and I see people training for many reasons – to get fit, lose weight and of course to gain muscle, all tangible results that you hope to gain. Few people say I want to have a healthy spine and core. Few people realise that all the tangible results gained from training can only be achieved as a result of your spine; it’s health and the strength of the associated core muscles. Spine health can provide more quality in your life as you age.

My mother is 65, she has always been fit and very active, looking much younger than her real age. However she has never focused on her spine and the health of the relevant core muscles. She has always put off this training even though she knew it was important. (Surprising especially since her son is a trainer and Pilates guru!!!!)

Two weeks ago my mother fell, of all places, in an exercise class. She was in pain and it was from her back. She could hardly move and they thought it was almost broken.

The muscles that protect and assist her spine had never been strengthened and there was no movement reference for them to use as she fell, so the vertebra took the entire brunt of the fall.

My mother fractured the vertebra on the lower back (both T11 and T12). She also has Lumbarissation at the L5 Vertebra, a tear at L2, L3 vertebra and was found to have degenerative disc disease at the both L4, L5 Lumbar vertebra.

She is currently in a back brace from the top of her chest down to her hips and has minimal movement. The brace is tight and she needs to have someone with her at all times limiting her life for the next few months as she recovers.

Her surgeon said she should have been doing Pilates type strengthening exercises as a routine and this would have protected her Spine. He said when the brace finally is removed, her spinal core muscles with atrophy will have weakened further and she will need to undertake Pilates type movement to strenghthen them back.

So I would like to get people to start thinking about their Spine. I want people to focus on training that will allow them to have the quality of life we aspire to have especially as we grow older. We focus on maintaining every part of our body – our hair, weight, skin, – few focus on maintaining/strengthening the Spine and its core muscles. We can do very little without a healthy Spine and should pay attention to strengthening it

For me, this Pilates retreat is a great place to start and to really begin the journey of focusing on your Spine and its health as part of your ongoing maintenance and entire wellbeing.

Spine is Core.

If not now when! Trust me this is a training area of your body, you really should focus on now. Your life can change in a moment!

Pilates Retreat in Chiang Mai Thailand from August 29th – 31st. Join us.

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