As most of you know your diet is a big part, or even the main part of any workout plan.

I came across this article listing some of the top 10 Superfoods. It’s an interesting list, which I must say I have tried and continue to use most of them. Some I like, some do not agree with my body. It’s important to listen to your body!



Top 10 Superfoods

My staples on this list are Coconut oil, Maca Root, Chia Seeds and Spirilina.
There is one that I have also used – Apple Cider Vinegar, which is great to help add alkaline to

your diet – I will talk more about that in another article.

There is also one more staple that I cannot do without – it’s not really a superfood, but it’s a luxury that reminds me of home – Vegemite!!!